Monday, June 09, 2008

Trip not meant to be..Bali

We're suppose to go for our trip to Bali today. Supposed to board AA flight at 10:30am. Supposed to check-in at Aston Bali, Tanjung Benoa. Supposed to stay there 4D/3N with full board package.......we can only planned but GOD decides.

We're not sorry. Its just not meant to be. Surely there's a reason behind it. Maybe someday, we'll go there.

Lucky thing AA did not 'burn' our ticket. We were charged RM75 per person for cancellation. AA created an account to keep the balance. We are to utilise the balance within 3 months but the travelling date can be any date even till next year. We can travel within M'sia or to any other Asian countries. Bagus kan AA ni. They are flexible but as long as there is valid reason. That too i have to go to a series of calls and faxed a formal letter to them.

Our travel agent 'Tradewinds' is also kind enough to reimburse back our package deal with some minor administration fee charged. Maybe next time i will go thru them again. They give reasonable and interesting package.

We were so looking forward for the trip but end April (when i was sick & pregnant) we decided to cancel the trip since i wasn't fit to travel at that time. Furthermore now i'm still in my 'confinement', i still cannot make it for the trip.

Now we donno whether we should do Bali or Bangkok...hehehe...relaxing or shopping...hard to choose. Hope time will let us decide.


Sweettooth said...

I say BALI....choose Bali to relax and unwind. U guys need it.

Dazzelyn said...

yeah...we're like 70% Bali and 30% Bangkok....Bali it is then!!