Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Smart

Went to see the 6:10pm show at One Utama. Movie title : Get Smart.

The plot : Maxwell Smart, an analyst employed by the spy agency CONTROL, has always hoped to be promoted to a be Field Operative, but despite his scoring extremely well on the Field Operative test, the Chief of CONTROL decides not to promote him because Max is more valuable in his current duties. After Agent 23 returns to CONTROL headquarters from a successful mission, Max steps out, disappointed, and accidentally bumps into a woman jogger. He returns to H.Q. to discover that enemy agents, sent by KAOS operative Siegfried, have penetrated CONTROL and have destroyed its interior. He finds the woman that he had bumped into is actually Agent 99; unfortunately, when Max and Agent 99 encounter apparent intruders in the wrecked base, Max fails to recognize them as fellow CONTROL agents and inadvertently attacks the Chief. Afterward, it is discovered that the perpetrators have stolen CONTROL's Agent files, thus exposing and assassinating many CONTROL agents around the world. (the rest of the plot...u guys go and see it for yourself)

Our verdict : Memang best!! Seronok, go and watch it!! Its a 'feel-good' movie. I liked it very much!!

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