Monday, June 16, 2008

Bubba Gump Shrimp

Yesterday went to Bubba Gump. This time its our turn to treat A&S. We wanted to introduce this new eatary to them.

For appetiser, we ordered 3/4 pound 'Shrimper Catch'. (very fresh and tasty)

'A' ordereed Bourbon Street Baramundi. (We recomend you order this dish, sedap!! The combination of the mashed potatoes, nachos and sauce is just right!)

'S' ordered Shrimp New Orleans (I liked the rice texture and the shrimp's quite tasty)

Huby ordered fish n chips...(jaga his diet). Even the 4 of us could not help him finish the fries, there were so much!!

I ordered Shrimp-Po Boy. Its a sandwich with generous topping of vege, together with fried tender shrimp. (very very nice!)

3 of them ordered Lemonade. I donno whether they're being bias or not but they really really praised the free-flow Lemonade, they said its the best lemonade they ever tasted!!

Overall A&S is are very happy. I didn't get the chance to tryout their desserts as there wasn't any more rooms for more...sigh. We enjoyed the food, each other's company and we definately went home with a full stomach!

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