Monday, June 23, 2008

Dinner at Cozy Corner, Jaya 33

Brought my parents to Cozy Corner for mama's belated birthday dinner and papa's father's day. Its my parents first time dining there but our upteenth time. We also invited bro n SIL since they also never been there before. Huby's treat and he's also the one who suggested the venue since my parents haven't been there before.

The parent

With my other half

The sihat couple!

Last nite we all made a trip there at 8pm. Hubby said everyone can order anyting they want.

Mama's Cozy Corner Chicken Chop

Papa's T-bone steak.

My mihun/mee soup....i missed Cable-Car Cafe's mihun soup, their's the best!

Bee's mihun hailam

Bro n SIL had 2 white rice each with kung-pau chicken and butter prawns.

Verdict, my parents liked the place and enjoyed the food. As usual our stomach has no rooms for dessert altho i tried to coax them into eating ice-cream but semuanya taknak...sigh.

Anyway, mama sempat lagi beli some buah-buahan just outside of the foyer, so we had strawberries, blueberries and papayas at home sweet home.

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