Monday, June 23, 2008

Professional Presence Training

We all went for a 2 days off-site training at Sheraton Subang. Tis training is about professional presence for PA's, EA's and Office Managers.

Is is conducted by Ms. Isabella Roy from Inner Impression Image Consultancy. This training is to help individuals attain their image goals through professional apprearance and positive attitude. We learn about self image, projecting image and receiving image. We analyse how fashion and style grooming affects our image, etc. We learned about body language which consists two component : posture and gestures. We learned about etiquette, posture/poise and fine dining skills. There are 2 types of etiquette, business and social etiquette. And lastly we learned about assertiveness and self-esteem.

I think all of us enjoyed the hands on traning. We get the chance to gather and gain knowledge about what we've learned and also have some fun. Thanks Irene and Mrs. Gan for arranging for this course/workshop.

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