Saturday, June 21, 2008

Visit to Dr. Fish

Yesterday, there were this 3 girls from SOD deparment who went to Subang Parade, to a shop name Foot Massage. No, they're not getting any foot massage but the girls wanted to try out Garra Ruffa fish therapy. The latest hype in Klang Valley!!

The girls were actually M, S and me!! M had went twice and wanted us to try it out. Wah!! I was so 'bersemangat' to do it.

In case some of you who's not familier, doctor fish (in this case - garra rufa fish) is a kind of fish that will go around you and begin to kiss your skin (to me its more like sucking). Its some sort of a treatment function of spa fish. Its also kinda promote blood circulation and release fatigue. They also said that its suppose to treat skin-illness and skin-scar, dead and scaly skin watever that means.

Huby said there are 2 types of fishes. The good ones is the Garra Rufa fish (which originate from Turkey), not the ones from China. So if you guys wanna go for fish-therapy, makes sure its the Garra Rufa fish ya.

M's feet

S's feet

Your's truly

Before we put in our feet into the spa-pool, we have to wash our feet first. Okey now my experience.....gosh!! I must confess, i'm a big wuss!! The first time i put my feet down and when the fishes started to come near and started sucking.....i get so bloddy ticklelish!! Its so "geli"....and i memang penggeli when it comes to this. I had to put my feet in and out a few times before i finally put my feet into the water for a few minutes. At first i sort of scolded 'M' for bringing me to this place cos i can't stand the ticklishness but i know i had to do it again to overcome my 'geli-ness' hehe. After awhile my feet is in, i was doing quite allrite, that too i had to tahan my laugh/giggles cos its so ticklelish!! Huby said i 'jakun'....but i muz bring him to try it out. After our time's up, we get a towel each to wipe-dry our feet. feet did have a clean feeling and it felt light.

Foot Massage fish spa is priced at RM38 (30 minutes).

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Sweettooth said...

Wah! now kat subang parade ada, very good!!! No need to travel far for my dr. fish. i actually love the treatment tau. But I nak buat whole body pula. At the moment, the only place i know yg ada is pavilion.