Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Ma

Yesterday was Mama's birthday. Last minutely (yeah, i'm a last minute person when it comes to organising mini gathering, hehe), i called up Anty M and her maid, cuzin F, bro and SIL. Occassion : to celebrate mama's 63th birthday. Time is set at 10pm, which is supper time!!

Hubby bought chicken satay, A.M has voluntereed to do mihun goreng, cuzin F bought kuih bakar and pandan chiffon and i bought Berry's chocolate cake. Unfortunately, bro and SIL could not make it cos she has something on at her workplace.

They all came around 9:45pm. While they were busy chatting and looking at photos, the maid and i set up the table. The maid helped out setting the plates and make her 'kopi pak sarip'. Once everthing was set up, we called them to the dining table. I think mama was a bit surprise and papa pulak yang terover excited. We sang birthday song for her and she blew the candles, later we sang again for cuzin F for her belated birthday...saje suka-suka.

Earlier that nite huby and i had diner at my parents place. After dinner, mama gave a plastic bag of our goodies from Japan...yay!! Didn't expect much but greatful that we get our gifts. I just requeted for a t-shirt from Tokyo Disneyland but i got more then 1 t-shirt...hehehe.. We got a Hard Rock T each and i asked papa when did he find the time to go there. He said one of the guys in their tour-group were a Hard Rock collector so he (a young chap) went there on his own, papa sempat lagi pesan dia belikan those shirt....i'm soooo touched!! Lately, i've been trying to collect those t-shirts especially for huby...for fun!

Not forgetting, i got my mochi (japan's sweet delicacy) too...yummy!!

Mama/papa enjoyed their trip especially Universal Studio and Disneyland. They've been talking and talking about the trip non-stop so i concluded that they've enjoyed it to the max. Unfortunately papa said things/souveniers in Japan is extremely expensive so they didn't really shopped much altho they said they've already spent thousands of RM..hehe..

Last nite has been a memorable one. I'm sure mama is very happy with the surprise arrangement. She's been thanking me this morning. I hoped and prayed that my parents will be blessed with good health, wealth and lots of happines, insyallah. I also prayed for their long-live so that there'll be more trips for them and us in the near future.


Sweettooth said...

I actually remembered her bday ya'know, tapi tak kan nak call her up and wish kan...sure terkezut beruk your mum. same day as aunty Ina pun...

Dazzelyn said...

yeah i actually knew dat u knew, u know...haha...