Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunday Outing

Make appointment with A&S (they wanna meet us, we oso wanna meet them). Met at Subang Parade. After much suggestions, we unanimously decided to have our late lunch (it was already 3pm by then) at TGI Friday. This is becos SP was having a magic show and the place was crowded and noisy. TGIs seems to be the best choice cos its enclosed hence we needed more privacy.

Its so good to meet them (as always). Exchange stories. We wanted to hear about their holiday stories in Bangkok. They took a lot of photos and we chat about our latest development. A&S treated us. All of us were so hungry, we finished whatever in our plates...hehe. A had burgers, Bee had fisherman's platter and both S and me had mushroom, chicken and mushroom.

After lunch, jalan-jalan for awhile and checked out the flea market. We parted ways around 6pm.

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