Monday, June 30, 2008

Centro Mall

Sunday, both of us thot why not make a trip to Centro Klang for lunch. Been wanting to go there for quite some time but haven't got the chance.

I donno whether it was me or the place but (no offense sweettooth), i don't like it!!....its practically dead to me if not for the Thai Fair. We were sort of totally lost!! Donno where and what to eat. Yes, there were few eatery places but we end up in Kenny Rogers...and the place is practically empty!!

(see bee's face, so muram and look at the background, nobody!! Just us and the waitresses. And this you're talking about sunday!!)

I'm sorry to the fans of Centro but i don't think i'll make a trip there again. Bee was so dissappointed, he said out of 10, he gave a one (1) only!!

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Sweettooth said...

HAHAHAA....a few nice shops shifted already. and yes, mmg makin boring but i go there monthly to pay bills esp. on weekends and we like to hv brunch at 4 Sekawan or The Coffee Place. Siapalah suruh pi sana if takde kerja?? Lainlah kalu nk cari baju kat DFO or Virtue (but Virtue pun makin hampeh).