Thursday, June 12, 2008

Company's Conference

Its our 2nd half year of conference again. This time i didn't do much work prior to the organising conference becos i was on medical leave. As usual there is the common session on the 1st day which everybody from central and outstation have to attend. Then there's lunch and dinner.

Last nite dinner was at the new Lala Chong (Ara Damansara). Only the Marketing, Medical & Sales. Their restaurant can accommodate all of us around 160 people on their second floor. There were free-flow of fruit juices and beers. My colleages said masa food tasting the food is delicious, unfortunately last nite a few dishes aje yang sedap. However, i enjoyed the mud-crab with salted egg and their soup.

Tofu and crab meat soup - i had 2 bowls of em...sedap

Dried Lala curry leaves - memang tak sedap!!

Steam Cod Fish oyster sauce - i think i dah jelak!

Paku-pakis goreng belacan (donno nice or not cos didn't take)

Kam Heong Prawns - not so good

Mud Crab Salted Egg - loved it!

Steam Mantis Prawn - i liked the soft & juicy texture

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