Monday, June 30, 2008

Maria's Restaurant

I always looked forward (who doesn't?!!) for Saturdays and Sundays . If we don't have anyting to do during the weekend, i just loved spending time either go for movies or 'retail therapy' with bee or go grocerries shopping or etc. Sometimes we planned to go for makan at new places and sometimes we'll just go eat and ol'places.

Bee said he read in papers recently that Puan Seri Norashikin (wife of former speaker dewan rakyat Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib) officiated a new eatary place in Damansara Perdana. The name of the place is Maria's. Its located at the Citibank at the Metropolitan Square in bandar Damansara Perdana.

We reached Maria's for lunch time. Cozy and elegant ambiance. We were surprise to see that there were quite a number of people who comes in and dine there. We thot since the place is located on the 2nd floor, people might not wanna come but we're wrong.

Bee ordered Seafood Platter. He said the price is too expensive for a seafood platter that looked like this. Altho the taste is quite okey. He said the squid is quite soft and not too springy. Tho he wished they used sea-prawns instead of the rared one.

I ordered Hawaiian Chicken Chop. I like the chicken's batter, very crispy and the meat is tender. However, i don't fancy the gravy, i think it lacked of tomatoish taste. Plus point is their potato wedges are freshly fried.

We find the price of their main meals and fresh juices are reasonable.

After lunch, we both adjourned to One Utama. We had our desserts at The Waffle World. I just loved their banana caramel waffle with double scoop ice-cream, yummy!!

In the evening we took my parents to Uptown for dinner. Its been like 3-4 months since we last went. I so wanted to take pics of the food but we all were so hungry and i forgot all about it. Mama had mihun gorend with telor bungkus, Papa had mixed grill, Bee had nasi goreng and I had the famous Yong Tau Foo and Sotong Kangkung.

Later we drove my parent to Old Town White Coffee at Jaya One for their hot white coffee and ice-blended white coffee with roti bakar for supper, memang super!! Reached home nearly midnite!

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