Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wedding & Birthday


Huby's cousin's first daughter had her 'akad-nikah' at home last nite. And tonite' the reception at Shah Alam Club. All my inlaws came to our house to gather becos our place is the nearest to go to the club. We left the house all fully dressed up at 8:00pm.

The theme for the nite for the ladies side is 'olive green'. I liked the way the pelamin was set up, simple and nice. Unfortunately i could not take photos of the bride & groom cos i was soooo lazy to go to the front.

The food however was a bit of a disappointment. The rice is a bit dry and the sotong sambal is so hard. But the rendang daging and dhall was very tasty.


Today is sunday. I woke up early to whip up breakfast for my inlaws who were staying with us for the nite. I quickly make sardine sandwich (with MIL's help), mee goreng hailam and mihum goreng pedas. After breakfast which was at 8am, huby and his twin went to Pasar Tani Shah Alam. His twin just loves going there. I didn't go cos i don't really fancy. Anyway, last minutely i remembered that today is another SIL's birthday. She's actually on her way from Seremban to our place cos yesterday she was working and she could not join us for last nite's wedding reception. But in the afternoon, its the men's side to held a lunch reception.
I quickly make a call to hubby and asked him whether he could find any cake which we could make do for a small birthday celebration (luckily i always have birthday-candles on standby). Huby being huby, he managed to get a cake tu...altho not to my expectation-lar (what do you expect?? Pasar tani don't sell Secret Recipe cakes okey!). And then he added some stuff like 'satay ayam', nasi lemak daun pisang (yang cute-cute), 'ayam golek' and 'keropok lekor' (i'm so happy). Once he came back with the goodies, i quickly set up the table again and get ready until the arrival of the birthday girl. She's surprise of course but happy... i just love celebration!!
The food
Birthday Girl
Birthday Cake (believe it or not its only RM6!!)
Some of us (some with kaftan)
It was a nice weekend indeed!!

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