Monday, June 02, 2008

Pressie for SOD

I've not been working for about a month!! It was not a planned medical leave so when i left, my work was left hanging. Some of the girls were made to do some of my job. I'm grateful for them. I hope they did it willingly and not curse me for having to do it, hehe.

I was in One Utama when i came across a shop that sells nice and cute stuff. I saw an adorable coin-box. Coincidently it has 5 types, so there were 'Lima Sekawan'.
A green frog, a brown bear, a pink pig, a blue dog and a purple koala. They're so cute that i immediately thot of the 5 SOD girls!! I was thinking...hmmm....why not i buy and give them each as a gift/token of appreciation for helping me out during my absence. I quickly picked up 5 boxes but tup...tup...huby paid for it!! I told him no cos i wanna pay for it but he insisted cos he also felt he's thankful to the girls!!
After wrapping.

These are how it looked like, cute isn't it. I hope the girls will liked it! Thanks so much for your help & assistance!

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allaboutattitude said...

Wow! Such a sweet thought!
I'll add you too!