Monday, June 09, 2008


I lurve chocolates (who doesn't??)....normally if you're talking about local chocolate, i would prefer Cadbury or Kit Kat. Bee n i lurve overseas chocolate, especially the ones made from USA or Australia. But if people give it as a gift or token of any type, we'll more then happy to accept it.
Unfortunately both of us have difference preferrence. He likes M&M peanut while i prefer the plain ones. He prefers Sneakers but i prefer Mars. So, we don't fight for our chocolate. But we share wafer chocolates or other limited edition ones. Hubby likes mint choc but not for me. He also likes dark choc but not for me too. And NO, both of us do not like 'WHITE' choc...ewww...

We're not being bias but normally we would prefer chocs from overseas. If you've tasted, you too would share the same sentiment as ours. Hubby said the chocolate from overseas are more delicious is becos of the milk product and oil. He said the ones from local or those made from Indonesia, Thailand or Phillippines used coconut oil. But some of the chocs from USA or Switzerland are a bit too sweet.

The other day, a colleague of mine went to Japan and bought for me Kit Kat Honey Dew flavour and Kit Kat Winter Melon. I'm so not used to mixed chocs but surprisingly, its 'sedap'. I can only accept Choc & Orange or Choc & Caremel. Hubby likes Choc & Peanut Butter.

This month, i received a few new chocolate which you cannot get it here. I don't understand why the supplier don't bring latest or limited edition from overseas, by the time it came to our shore, it will be 5 to 6 months later....boring!!

This is Mars Rocks. Limited edition.

Cadbury latest product. Its already here in M'sia soil.

Pods from Mars...memang sedap.

Toffee anyone? We just lurve toffee. The supplier has brought this to M'sia. Last time they only have the 'candy' type. But now they've got the chewy toffee.


Sweettooth said...

a few years ago i love eating Wethers's sweets, at any time i'll keep a packet wif me and u know what??? i put on a lot of weight due to it. but i still love the taste....nikmat giler!

Dazzelyn said...

we definately have loads of same tastekan....great minds thinks alike...yeah rite!!